What is decentralisation?

Decentralisation means there are many different servers, linked or not between each other, running the service.
Decentralization, also called distributed architecture, is the opposite of centralized systems, where everything is on the same server.
In a distributed architecture each of thoses server are owned by different entities. individuals, companies, associations, etc
Each of thoses server runs the service on their own database.
Each of thoses server can have a customized version of the service.

The power of decentralisation really shines when those servers are connected to each other, displaying information from each others without having to store it.
It is sometimes called a federated service.

Why decentralize?


Everyone can host its own server/service.
You are NOT bound to us. You are free.

Everyone can leave a server and go to another one.
You are NOT bound to anyone. You are free.

Every service can echo/distribute another one.
You can be a part of a community of peers.


Thanks to decentralized architecture, we physically

  • reduce global indisponibility of the service
  • shorten the range of attack on datas
Because all servers are independent, the mesh is stronger and one down does not affect the whole group.

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